• Buy Bamboo Matting on Sale at Sunset Bamboo

    bamboo-mattingBamboo Matting
    is an age-old tradition passed down from generations to generations, artisan-to artisan and holds back its origin from tribes. Sunset Bamboo is a well-known seller of Bamboo Mats which is multi-purpose and uniquely strong. Its durability and rich colors makes it an irresistible option for wall covering and ceiling application.

    Lauhala Matting:

    Lauhala leaves plaits and braiding is a traditional technique which hails from tribal times and is truly renewable resource. Lauhala Matting from Sunset Bamboo is very eco-friendly and is apt both for indoor as well as outdoor spaces. It is the best choice for wall-covering, wainscoting as well as ceiling application. Put the Lauhala matting on tiki bars ante to augment its texture and overall design. Available in posh hues from dark caramel to rich tan, the Lauhala Matting is easy to set-up and is the perfect option to jazz up bars and pavilions bestowing a tropical look to your surroundings.

    Cabana Matting:

    Sunset Bamboo’s Cabana Matting is hand woven out of strong Pandanus leafs and is highly elastic. Its durability and tendency to bend without snapping makes it a fantastic product for interiors as well as exteriors. It is double bound from corners for enhancing its internal strength. Even the matting can be altered or trimmed without destroying the integrity of the entire product. Moreover it is easy to install and can be applied to any space. Available in different shades of golden and brown, the Cabana Matting from Sunset Bamboo is naturally biodegradable and 100% earth-friendly.

    Abaca Cloth:

    With naturally neutral weaved framework, Abaca Cloth from Sunset Bamboo is a sophisticated and durable way of wall covering. Woven with strands of abaca, this matting is purely natural and free from any artificial chemicals and dyes. Coined as one of the strongest natural fibres, Abaca not only adds beauty to the walls and floors but makes your surroundings look rich and elegant. This purely organic matting is installed and applied in few hours and requires least maintenance. The natural shades of Abaca Cloth add an aesthetic feel to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

    bamboo-matsBac Bac Matting:

    Fabricated out of alternative sides of banana bark, Bac Bac Matting offers a color contrast of light and dark which lands modernistic yet a traditional look to walls ceilings and floorings. With a high renewal potentiality of the leaves out of which the matting is made, the product is really cheap and affordable. Its rich contrast also makes it a good choice for filming the tables and countertops. Besides it is quick to fix and camouflages well with almost all decors.

    Lampac Matting:

    Lampac Matting is contrived out of cocoa brown grass which is loosely woven together to form a multi-enameled burlap-like sheet. The shade of light beige lends a uniform yet elegant texture to interior walls and ceilings.  The ease of installation and application of this Lampac Matting and its compatibility to adhesive surfaces makes it an outstanding choice for embellishing both interiors and exteriors. Even you can staple it to surfaces. The mat is even treated with varnishes to augment its overall brightness and durability.

    Fine Weave Lauhala Matting:

    As mentioned above, Lauhala Matting is passed down from generations to generations and today it is the most impressive way to deck interior and exterior projects. You can use this eco-friendly and easily renewable matting to decorate your wall ceilings, wainscoting and wall covering. Even you can experiment with this Fine Weave Lauhala Matting to use for various other purposes such as sprucing up the outer look of bars and pavilions. Not only does it decorates your surroundings but also renders a truly divine appeal to the spaces.

    Ropes & Braids:

    Bamboo Ropes & Braids are a great way to beautify your homes with earth-friendly things. A hand-woven product, these ropes & braids are fashioned out of palm leaves, banana leaves and other nature products. The ropes & braids lend a tropical feel to outdoor and indoor areas and carry a low-price tag. Sunset Bamboo is proud to be associated with people who work hard to produce these bamboo ropes & braids.




  • Tiki Huts & Palapas Give You Feel of True Island Style Living

    tiki-hutsSunset Bamboo being one of the largest importers of thatch material in the US provides you the high level product selection. As a manufacturer, Sunset Bamboo is able to provide you with the best possible prices on DIY tiki huts. You will get tiki huts and each of them is built to order using the highest construction industry standards available. You will get bamboo room divider and such products that are capable of withstanding extremely high winds, dry and wet weather.

    Sunset Bamboo brings out a wide selection of bamboo poles for sale and island themed products that will instantly increase the tropical decor of your backyard, tiki bar, themed outdoor or indoor space. Few things on earth have the grace and splendor of the mighty bamboo as it can withstand a great deal of use without damage. Due to its structural strength and resilience, the role of bamboo in green building design has increased in popularity. It is the most durable, stronger than oak and when laminated, bamboo is nearly as strong as soft steel.

    At Sunset Bamboo you will get the highest quality raw materials and finished product with value and authenticity. Channel your inner Gaugin or create a Margaritaville-inspired space with a wide range of offerings that are constructed from the leaves of natural and indigenous plants. Buy and save on Tiki Huts and Palapas including 12′ Four Pole Hut, 12′ Four Pole Hut With Fire Retardant, 14′ Four Pole Hut, 14′ Four Pole Hut With Fire Retardant, 9′ Single Pole Umbrella, 9′ Single Pole Umbrella With Fire Retardant, 12′ Single Pole Umbrella,12′ Single Pole Umbrella With Fire Retardant. You will get two layers of thatch covering in each kit with easy to follow, step-by-step-instructions and Free Shipping!

  • Bamboo for Sale: Buy Highest Grade Bamboo Poles at Discounted Prices at

    bamboo-polesSunset Bamboo offers you bamboo for sale which includes all types of bamboo poles like Natural Bamboo Poles, Carbonized Bamboo Poles, Split Poles, Black Bamboo Poles and more. If you have ever been to a home décor shop that sells eco-friendly product, you must have come across things, big and small, made of bamboo. Somehow, just looking at them gives you a sense of peace and contentment. Having furniture made of bamboo derivatives, or artifacts made from it, adds different accents to your home. It charms people and makes your home warm and cozy.

    You can use kiln-dried bamboo poles and have them distributed inside your home to give it an urban yet sophisticated feel. Bamboo poles can be cut and sized according to your preferences and colored using dyes and stains for custom effects. You can change them in any way you like so that they complement your home in every way. Bamboo poles are also split down the middle, used in their natural state or have their nodes burnt- the options are endless. They can be used creatively to make wall panels, room dividers, wall art, tiles, fences, sconces and valences, and so much more that the mind cannot keep track.

    Many different customization levels are available to meet the needs of your decorative standards. Accent your rooms with an imaginative combination of different colors and sizes of poles; throw in your favorite styles for a unique effect. If you want to go for natural shades of quality bamboo, there are many varieties out in the market that will suit whatever you have in mind. Henon bamboo poles have a slightly olive green color with a silver tinge. On the other hand, Moso is characterized by a bold, golden brown color while Tonkin comes in tan colors. Choosing the right type of bamboo for your home depends on your taste as well as the purpose of it, you can stain or flame-treat them to suit yourself.

    Bamboo poles are judged on their quality by virtue of their color, cut and cracking. Thin walled bamboo poles crack if air-dried. To save them from cracking and make them last longer, find a bamboo source that uses kilns to dry them. Kiln drying ensures that the moisture content of the poles stays low, so that there will be nil or minimal cracking. Cut is very important and is done depending on what you want. Young bamboo has very thin walls, while timber bamboo species have very thick walls as they near 5 years of age. They are thick walled and excellent materials for landscaping. They can be treated and made into flooring that are way stronger than oak floors.

    Always opt for bamboo poles that are 3-5 years of age, minimum. If you are using poles to build a tree house, choose poles that are 5 years or more in age. If you intend to use bamboo poles as decoration, just to stand there and look pretty, get poles harvested in their 3rd year. Kiln dried bamboo poles need very little maintenance. Wash them with soap and water once a while and they are as good as new.

    Sunset Bamboo produces and harvests the best Tonkin and Moso bamboo and ensures that the plants themselves are not damaged. They offer a variety of exquisite looking and high-grade bamboo poles and things made from them like bamboo fencing, thatches, tiki huts, and more. The bamboo poles from Sunset Bamboo are beautiful and treated to make them last long years, stay termite resistant and weather lots of harsh climate. Get bamboo poles for sale at and make the world a truly green place.

  • Bamboo Fencing for Sale: Get Island Feeling with Elegant and Modern Bamboo Fences From

    Bamboo Fencing popular for graceful appearances and eco-friendly naturebamboo-fencing makes it one of the leading bamboo products for your home decor. Change the atmosphere with Bamboo Fencing for sale at and see the difference in your hearth and home. Set off the bamboo fencing inside or outside your home with more bamboo products from Sunset Bamboo like thatches and tiki huts, bamboo matting, bamboo panels, coconut wall tiles and more at reasonable and affordable prices.

    Bamboo fencing by Sunset Bamboo is made of highest grade bamboo poles made from Tonkin and Moso plants. Bamboo fences come in different types and sizes by using different types of bamboo poles. Our Bamboo fencing is available in rolls of 8 feet long. The thickness of the walls of the bamboo poles vary between 3/4 and 1 inch, while the length of the poles range from 3, 4, 6 and 8 feet. Here is brief summary of the different types of bamboo fences at Sunset Bamboo:

    Natural Bamboo Fencing: These fences are typically made of Natural Bamboo poles. The poles and fences are termite resistant, just enough cleaning and treatment to give them a healthy shine. The fencing is of a light tan color, easy to install and makes your home look attractive. They are available in eight different dimensions and are great as panels.

    Carbonized Bamboo Fencing: This type is made of naturally caramelized bamboo poles. The bamboo poles are tightly sealed together and then made into rolls of 8 feet to form Carbonized bamboo fencing. There is very small space between the poles that makes it very secure. You can use them indoor or outdoor and is available in seven size variations.

    Mahogany Bamboo Fencing: Mahogany bamboo fencing is available in all its glory after careful quality control procedures by Sunset Bamboo. They are bound securely and then rolled. Mahogany fences are rich brown in color like aged whiskey. These fences are fire straightened and processed to be termite resistant. Each pole is cut off at the nodes to give them natural caps. Mahogany Bamboo fencing is available in four variants.

    Kokomo Bamboo Fencing: Sunset Bamboo checks the harvest of its bamboos, processing and treatment, and manufacture of Kokomo bamboo fencing conscientiously. The bamboo poles are tightly bound and rolled for transportation. Kokomo fences are eco-friendly and ready for installation as soon as you receive them. Decorative threads wind through the fences at the middle and the bottom, to give it a modern pattern. These are available in four varieties.

    Black Bamboo Fencing: Natural bamboo poles are used to create Black bamboo fencing. The poles are fire straightened, termite resistant and integrated with heavy steel wire to make them strong and last longer. Natural black bamboo poles, available in four sizes, are harvested mainly from Tonkin bamboo plants.

    TigerBoo Bamboo Fencing: TigerBoo bamboo fencing is unique in its looks and is hugely popular. Tonkin bamboo plants are harvested for TigerBoo, which have randomly burnt nodes forming an interesting pattern when the poles are tied together. TigerBoo available at is used to make classy screens or panels, and can be used both in and out of your home. They are strong and sturdy, and last a long time.

  • Types of Bamboo Poles from Sunset Bamboo

    Bamboo is a natural, eco-friendly and sustainable product. Bamboo Poles are ideal for use in any environment, outdoor living and creates a modern elegance to your home. Sunset Bamboo offers you high quality bamboo poles on sale with straight, flexible shafts and nodes (growth rings). is one such platform that brings you premium quality bamboo poles that can be put forth for indoor as well as outdoor living.

    bamboo-poles-on-saleBamboo Poles for Your Backyards:

    With varieties like Natural Bamboo Poles, Speckled Bamboo Poles, Carbonized bamboo poles and Black Bamboo Poles on tap, Sunset Bamboo leaves no stone unturned to lend your yard a spectacular look. Besides adding richness to your backyard, use of bamboo sticks and tiki poles for tiki huts will augment your outdoor spaces with fresh air while you shake a leg in some in-house party or desiring to sip a cup of coffee sitting all by yourself in backspace. Festooning the backyard with bamboo poles and bamboo groves is not only good for your decoration purposes but has a positive effect on environment. As bamboo grows much faster than a normal tree, it avoids soil depletion which otherwise would have taken place due to hardwood logging. Besides; the bamboo rolls and panels can be used to canopy some undesirable features at the back of your house. Different types of bamboo fencing like Natural Fencing, Carbonized Fencing, Kokomo Fencing, Black fencing, Mahogany Fencing and Tigerboo Fencing from Sunset Bamboo will give your backyard a designer touch. With different styles, sizes and colors bestowed upon you, you can always get a personalized solution for all your yard fittings needs.

    Bamboo Poles for Gardens:

    Spruce up your garden with versatile bamboo poles that find its uses in things like holding plant stakes, creating trellises and paths. When used as a plant stake, the bamboo is inserted into the ground which helps plants to rest securely along the bamboo poles. Moreover the thicker pieces can be used to individualize the planted area from rest of the garden space. While bamboos are a great support to climbing trees and bushes in the garden; the bamboo rugs can be used to create some shady area and weed mats. When it comes to garden; what is of utmost importance; is the durable and adorable fencing that adds to the overall beauty of the garden. showcases some of the best designer bamboo logs and panels to lend your garden a heavenly feel. Besides using it for fencing the bamboo can also be used for construction purposes. Using it as a frame for things like traditional staircase or a bench for sitting purposes in a garden can be really splendid. The strength and the robust nature of bamboo make it an ideal choice amongst all purposes. Nonetheless, the exclusive look that you get through bamboo usage is quite aesthetic.

    bamboo-poles-for-saleBamboo Poles for Outdoor Living:

    Bestowing upon you the flexibility to shop by length, diameter and style, offers myriad options to shop all types of bamboo poles. Enhance your lifestyle with bamboo paneling of posts and outdoor areas. Sample choicest rugs styles for outdoor living and create your very own sitting-area. Cover your outside walls with Bamboo slats and give your house exteriors an instant makeover. Color them with some oil and paint and get your walls customized as per your choice. Other than this we also showcase some special arrangements for some special events. Be it wedding affair or some auspicious ceremony, romantic beach party or simple backyard social gathering, we always strive to deliver the best four pole arches. Simple yet elegant bamboo stuff will add grace to your special occasion making it all the more magical.

    So what awaits you? Make us a part of your surroundings and make every single moment a special one.

  • Sunset Bamboo Offers Free Shipping on Tiki Huts and Palapas

    tiki-hutsSunset Bamboo sells and installs Tiki Huts and Palapas of versatile nature. Tiki huts and Palapas as carted by Sunset Bamboo is a wonderful way to enhance the panoramic view of your outdoor living areas such as Gardens, Porches, Decks, Outdoor Kitchens & Bars and much more. Besides, these tiki huts are also instrumental in adding to your lifestyle as well as to the ambience in your backyard, business or residential area. Order now and save 30% on Tiki Huts and get Free Shipping at Sunset Bamboo ensures that you get the perfect feel of a resort in your home with minimal expense.

    If you want to experience the feel of island just outside your home, contact us today at 1.877.433.1448 as we bring you world-class tiki huts and palapas which undergo stringent quality checks before getting installed in your houses. The premium quality bamboo used in its construction ensures great durability and sustainability for years without any wear and tear or rotting away. Needless to mention, completely adheres to industry standards, beginning from the picking of raw materials from fields to final construction of tiki huts and palapas. Whether it is single pole umbrella or four pole tiki hut, carts all that; with or without fire retardant versions. Even the prices are so nominal that you will definitely make one a part of your lawn or garden.

    palapasTiki huts & Palapas from Sunset Bamboo are easy-to-install and are very effective in maintaining a cool atmosphere by offering you an island feeling. The package delivered also includes a step-by-step guide for easing the installation process. The DIY kits embrace double layer of thatch covering and comes in partially assembled form. Besides, you also get a pre-cut lumber and fire retardant covering in each delivery. Not only this; the premium quality thatch buckled with high-grade bamboo poles offers a tropical feel to your home, business and other lifestyle requirements. works with utmost dedication to provide value in each of their bamboo products, be it thatched roofs or palapas. Our tiki huts are a perfect blend of modern yet contemporary style and works to lend your surroundings a divine touch. Moreover you can also use these structures to enhance the landscaping outlining of peripheries.

    Sunset Bamboo has the potential to convert your gardens and lawns into paradise where you can relax and have fun with your friends and family. Enjoying a morning walk amidst tiki huts and palapas will make you feel all the more refreshed. Winters and rains will also be fun with these bamboo and thatch structures installed outside. Tiki huts besides providing the necessary comfort also adds to the beauty of a house or office.

  • Bamboo Matting for Sale

    bamboo-matsBamboo Matting from Sunset Bamboo is created in the South Pacific region where people have been using bamboo fixtures for hundreds of years. All natural bamboo mats are made mostly from the leaves of palm trees which have been passed from one craftsman to the next, over generations. Sunset Bamboo offers you highest quality Bamboo Matting of various types so that you can decorate your home uniquely and stylishly. Bamboo mats are flexible and highly durable due to single-minded application of old principles of hand-labor. These mats can be cut and trimmed as per your needs, without the danger of having them unravel afterwards. You can glue the mats, even staple them to the surface and area of your choice, and see the difference it makes in the ambience of your home. Bring the tropics right inside your home and let them permeate the atmosphere with a woodsy smell that calms and soothes. Buy Bamboo Matting for sale now and get Free Shipping at

    Sunset Bamboo offers following types of Bamboo Matting on sale:

    Cabana Matting: These mats are hand woven with organic Pandanus leaves. These mats are strong and flexible and therefore they can be bent and rolled without snapping. The color varies due to many different hues of the leaves from golden to brown. The edges of these mats are secured and double bound to add more strength to the entire package.

    Abaca Cloth Matting: Abaca Cloth mats are pale in color, with intricate weaving patterns that look rugged yet sophisticated on your walls. The mats are interwoven with abaca strands to give them a unique look and design. The Abaca is derived from the outer sheath of a banana plant species found abundantly in Philippines. Abaca grows rapidly in organic conditions, and hence is renewable resource that can be harvested many times in a single year.

    Lauhala Matting: Lauhala, in Hawaiian, simply means the “leaf of the Hala tree”. It has an antique look, and the Lauhala Matting precision and craft has been passed down from mother to daughter, from one generation to the next. Lauhala leaves are derived from the Pandanus trees which are a highly renewable resource.  These mats are durable and resilient enough so that they can be used even outdoors. A sleeker mat with finer weaves is also available at known as Fine Weave Lauhala Matting.

    Lampac Matting: Lampac mats highlight ambitious designs that somehow blend nature with modern expressions. They are made from cocoa brown glass blades, which form multi-hued thin sheets. The light color of this mat highlights glossy wooden furniture and antique arts and crafts like none other. You can either staple or glue the mats to the surface and is strong enough for outside use as well. After weaving is complete, the mats are polished with a clear polyurethane or varnish to give a glossy finish.

    Ropes and Braids: Sunset Bamboo offers natural ropes and braids made from carefully selected material to enhance both strength and looks. The materials used range from palm leaves, grass blades, banana barks and others. The different types of ropes offered are Sennit rope, Bac Bac, Rumba and Sea braids. Talented artisans braid the ropes, which is a time consuming and intensive process. It includes drying of leaves, removal of thorns, cleaning the leaves in the ocean, softening and then flattening them. These products are beautiful and have a matchless appeal.

    Bac Bac Matting: Bac Bac is derived from a specific type of banana plant and is a part of the outer skin. Bac Bac mats available at are interwoven by hand in such a way that the front and back sides of the banana bark form diamond-shaped checks on the mats. These mats show a high contrast between light and darn browns and look stunning. Bac Bac Matting is typically used to decorate the interior of the house like the walls or the ceilings. They are also used to cover tables or counter tops with the help of translucent epoxy resin.

  • Bamboo Poles for Sale

    bamboo-poles-for-saleSunset Bamboo provides stunning, elegant and charming Bamboo Poles for sale. These poles are used for creating a wide variety of fences, matting, panels, thatching, furniture, decorations and more. Bamboo poles have a rustic effect that bring the outdoors to the interior and thereby enriches the atmosphere of your home. They make your home more welcoming and have a peaceful effect. Our bamboo poles are made from high-grade Moso and Tonkin bamboo. The use of bamboo poles is eco-friendly and lasts for a long time. They are cost effective and durable, easy-to-replace. Make your home a comfortable haven for your family and a place of envy for your neighbors with the help of bamboo poles. The various bamboo poles and decorative bamboo sticks are available in a variety of lengths and diameters.

    Sunset Bamboo offers five distinct types of bamboo poles with different looks and effect. They are:

    Natural Bamboo Poles: These bamboo poles are harvested directly from bamboo plants and are kept in their natural condition. They undergo no treatments to alter their looks. They are thick-walled, resilient and of a light tan color. They have a very soothing effect and can be used in a variety of creative ways to decorate your home. Natural Bamboo Poles are also known as the Zen Collection because they epitomize the peace in your home.

    Natural Black Bamboo Poles: These are unique, with colors ranging from dark ebony, mixed with rich brown and black tones. They are most suitable for providing an earthy effect in your home and are appropriately named as the Feng Shui Collection. They are used in a variety of home projects like slats, furniture, decorations and more. They are strong and sturdy, with the ability to last a long time.

    Speckled Bamboo Poles: These bamboo poles are especially suitable for your home if your want to bring out the rich texture of your wood furniture and pastel shades. The texture and color of Speckled Bamboo poles provide an amazing backdrop to the different accents of your interior décor and therefore are known as the Yinyang Collection. These bamboo poles have a dark base with light or dark spots on them. They are a great way to bring together nature and the city and turn your home into a unique space.

    Carbonized Bamboo Poles: Carbonized Bamboo Poles are available in different shades of amber, with darker accents along the nodes. The effect is achieved by smoking the poles very carefully for a certain amount of time. Carbonized Bamboo Poles have been named as the Anji-Shan Collection because of its classic effect. They are very popular among the urbane population, who love modern designs with a twist.

    Split Bamboo Poles: Split Bamboo Poles are created by splitting normal poles right in the middle, along the vertical axis. To give the poles a gorgeous sheen they are then rubbed with river salt that also gives them a rich earth tone accented with brown. It brings out a very stylish look in your interior or exterior. They are strong, durable and wonderful for making mats, panels, ceilings, roofs, and other things.

  • Carbonized Bamboo Poles for Sale at

    carbonized-bamboo-for-saleBamboo poles are the best choice for large number of people for interior and exterior decoration. Bamboo Poles are easy to grow, maintain, use and replace. Sunset Bamboo offers you high quality bamboo poles for sale. These bamboo poles are elegant, strong and durable and the effect of their use in your home is charming. They give eloquent expression to the creative bend of both the artisans and the consumers. Bamboo poles are used in making fences, thatches, huts, furniture, mats, handicrafts, panels, etc. The different types of bamboo poles by Sunset Bamboo are manufactured with the premier grade Tonkin and Moso bamboos.

    Sunset Bamboo provides different types of bamboo poles. Natural Bamboo Poles are what is harvested from the bamboo plants, the mother of all other processed bamboos. Carbonized Bamboo Poles are smoked; Black bamboo Poles are thick walled and are black, ebony, or dark brown; and the Speckled Bamboo Poles have a dark base with light tan and dark spots. Bamboo Poles are ideal for an environment conscious and can be easily crafted into things of exquisite beauty and elegance.

    Carbonized Bamboo Poles from Sunset Bamboo are smoked to create strong shades of amber with darker accents around the nodes. The blend creates a unique type of bamboo very popular with consumers. These are tough, hardy and stunning in their effect. They are used for making decorative items, mats, tiki huts, tree houses, slats, chairs, book shelves, false ceilings, wall panels, fences and much more. These bamboo poles are eco-friendly, easy to use, cost effective, light, durable, and strong and have none of the swelling and shrinking that timber is prone to.

    carbonized-bamboo-polesYou can get any type of bamboo on sale at depending upon the project you want to use it. If you want them for fences or panels go for the longer bamboo poles, if you are making furniture and small items choose the shorter bamboo poles. Similarly, choose the diameter of the poles and sticks depending on the strength you need.

    Shop Carbonized Bamboo Poles by Length: The lengths range among 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet and 10 feet. Choose keeping in mind the dimensions of your project.

    Shop Carbonized Bamboo Poles by Diameter: It varies between 1 inch and 2 inches. Choose according to your requirements.

    The decorative bamboo poles are a tribute to utter magnificence, sustainability and style. It gives a serene and calm effect to your home and becomes a point of envy to your neighbors too.

    Get a bamboo bed or wall paneling, make it more interesting with bamboo false ceilings or give a twist to your decor with bamboo handicrafts and thatched roof. Anything you choose will be worth your while. Get superior quality Carbonized Bamboo Poles for Sale and change interior and exterior decor of your home or office.

  • Types of Bamboo Poles Available at

    bamboo-polesSunset Bamboo provides bamboo poles of different types and a wide variety of fences, thatches, matting, panels, etc. Bamboo poles are beautiful and stylish; hence, they give your home a welcoming and intimate atmosphere. Sunset Bamboo offers high quality bamboo poles harvested from the top grade Tonkin and Moso bamboo plants, and is stunning. They are chic, eco-friendly and durable. Strong and sturdy, they are easy to replace and cost effective. It adds charm and elegance to your interior and exterior decoration. Bamboo poles can be used in scores of creative ways like in fences, mats, thatches, roofs, panels, artifacts, furniture, etc., and help you give your home a comfortable and cozy feel. Here are some of the best quality bamboo poles for sale at

    Natural Bamboo Poles are harvested from highest quality Tonkin and Moso bamboo plants, and stay in their natural state. They are thick walled and resilient, with a very calming effect. They have a light tan color and can be used in a variety of ways. Natural bamboo poles are also called the Zen Collection because of its uncompromised quality. Natural bamboo poles are a favorite for people who like to keep the natural shine and color intact.

    Carbonized Bamboo Poles come in shades of amber with darker accents around the nodes. This is achieved by carefully smoking the bamboo poles for a particular period. Carbonized bamboo poles are very popular with the customers because of its soothing effect and classiness. These types of bamboo poles have been creatively named the Anji-Shan Collection. They are most suitable for urban and contemporary homes with angles and clean lines.

    Natural Black Bamboo Poles are most popular for giving your home a rustic and earthy feel. It is a class in its own, characterized by varying colors of dark ebony, rich brown and black tones. Appropriately named as the Feng Shui Collection, they are widely used as slats, tables, chairs, panels, and others. The poles are sturdy and durable, and can weather out many years. They are exquisite in their looks and unparalleled in their charming effect.

    Also known as the Yinyang Collection, Speckled Bamboo Poles bring out the rich texture and style of your interior or outdoor décor. Wherever your tastes run, it is not possible to run away from this beautiful and graceful collection of bamboo poles. They look chic with their dark base and light tan or dark spots. It brings the urban and the bucolic, right into your living room. They are also very popular because of the strength and endurance they show through the years. Cost effective and eco friendly, they are the perfect choice to make your home truly outstanding.

    Split Bamboo Poles are also known as the Half-Round Collection because they are split right through their vertical axis. It is different and brings solace to the fashion-conscious. After splitting, the half-rounds are rubbed with river salt to give them lustrous rich earth and brown tones. It is new and innovative. They are strong and resilient, and can be used in making mats, panels, baskets, artifacts etc. Buy cheap bamboo poles from Sunset Bamboo now and add an island feeling to your indoor and outdoor living styles.

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